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Smart 24 hour fever mentoring

Smart 24 hour fever mentoring
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Christian Boas

Smart fever mentoring As a journalist and technology lover, you will find interesting and bizarre things as you browse the crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter & Co. Last but not least, when you have your own offspring, you will notice gadgets like the intelligent thermometer with continuous 24-hour monitoring.

Babies are not the masters in keeping still, which does not make the Fiebermessen experience straight easy. For this purpose, a Hong Kong-based company on Indiegogo has run a campaign to enable easy continuous 24-hour surveillance with a wireless temperature monitor designed specifically for babies and small children.

The campaign is still running for 14 days, but has already collected more than $ 12,000 (about $ 11,000). We will keep an eye on the Indiegogo campaign and soon be able to deliver you a first practical test.

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