Arab Emirates slipped into the smartphone addiction

Arab Emirates slipped into the smartphone addiction
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Already 9 out of 10 citizens of the United Arab Emirates own a smartphone and also adapt their usage to the habits of Western industrialized nations, according to a study by YouGov. 70 percent of Emiratis, who do not have a smartphone, want to grow one in the course of a year.

In the cinema online
According to the study, women are particularly dependent on their mobile phone. They use it 7 hours a day. Men come for at least six hours. Younger people are, as everywhere else in the world, even more fixated on their smartphones. The 18 to 29 year olds are online for 7 hours a day. There is no gender difference.

76 percent of respondents “very often” look at the display, most recently immediately before going to bed. For 72 percent in the morning after getting up, the first handle is the smartphone. 56 percent also do not give up watching television or watching online videos. For 41 percent, it is normal to consult the smartphone while eating with friends or family, and 20 percent do not even miss it in the cinema.

Facebook & Instagram
For 53 percent of the respondents, social network activity is the most important. 41 percent cite the sending of messages as the most important activity and 35 percent the checking of e-mails and their answering. Facebook is the main playground, followed by YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. While men prefer Facebook and YouTube, women are more likely to find Instagram and Snapchat. Similar results already existed in previous studies.

“Smartphones are tightly integrated into the daily routine,” says Kerry Mclaren of YouGov, adding, “Our addiction seems to be increasing.”

63 percent do not feel comfortable if they do not have their smartphone with them. 87 percent believe they can not live without a smartphone for more than a day. Despite the fact that heavy use of smartphones reduces productivity, this behavior is detrimental to mental health and relationships with other people, warns the Mclaren demo.

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