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Airship Plimp wants to transport people and loads

Airship Plimp wants to transport people and loads
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Christian Boas

The US company Egan Airships has developed a strange aircraft that will later become a flying passenger van. At first glance, the “Plimp” baptized aircraft looks like an ordinary airship. However, it has elements that enable the development of a sports plane and a drone. The first prototype of the Plimp has short wings, two propellers and a tail.

According to the developers, the airship combines the speed and maneuverability of an aircraft with the economics of an airship. The Plimp prototype has a length of 8 meters and can accelerate to 130 km / h. The commercial version is said to be about five times larger and able to carry up to a ton of cargo or up to ten people (including two crew members) on board.

Due to the adjustable rotors, the plimp can start and land vertically. Thus, the buoyancy force is distributed in equal parts on the helium-filled balloon. Later, the commercial version of Plimp will cost around four million dollars and have a range of around 2,000 kilometers. As a deployment scenario, the manufacturer sees above all the use of the vehicle as an air taxi or for sightseeing tours. What should make the difference to existing airships, however, was not yet to find out.

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