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Tested the Biolite Fire Pit

Tested the Biolite Fire Pit
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Christian Boas

Last year, the Biolite Fire Pit was just one of many gadgets that Kickstarter sought its supporters. Now the first 15,000 devices have been delivered with a considerable delay. Previously, the US startup for its project had raised $ 2.5 million through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter

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The Biolite Fire Pit is in a way a “smart” fireplace with reduced smoke, with which you can also grill. An ingenious and patented ventilation system burns the wood or coal (almost) smoke-free.

However, our test shows that grilling with the Fire Pit by Biolite only works to a limited extent, because the coal is only occasional to the white heat, which is necessary for grilling. In addition, the wood or coal container can only be adjusted by one step, which has the consequence that the grilled food is quite fast to dark and inside is not hot. After grilling, the Biolite Fire Pit can be turned into a sizable and safe fireplace. Instead of coal you can also use up to four logs for firing.

Smart power bank
The removable fan with battery and the piping in the gadget provide a good supply of air and are thus to ensure optimum, low-smoke combustion. The intensity of the air supply by the fan and thus the burning time can be regulated via Bluetooth via the Biolite App. The Bluetooth control itself works, but only reigns duly on the changes in the app.

Die BioLigt FirePit Powerbank versorgt den FirePit mit Strom und man kann sein Smartphone daran laden. (Bild: / TC)

The design of the Biolite Fire Pit makes a good impression and has a high-quality workmanship. The barred side walls provide a good view of the fire. The fan with integrated battery can be removed and charged via USB or via the optional solar cover and used as a power bank for other devices. Thanks to retractable legs, the 9 kg Biolite Fire Pit is not only usable in the garden, but also suitable for excursions or camping.
Der BioLigt FirePit. (Bild: / TC)
The Biolite Fire Pit is a nice thing in itself, but only limited for grilling. Anyone who is willing to invest just under € 249 for his fireplace, with whom you can also grill if necessary, will surely find his friends at the Fire Pit.

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