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MakerPhone to build the smartphone for yourself

MakerPhone to build the smartphone for yourself
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Christian Boas

For all DIY enthusiasts and DIY fans among the moobilux readers, there is currently the project MakerPhone on Kickstarter. For 90, – US-Dollar, there is currently on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter a smartphone to build yourself. The MakerPhone is a complete smartphone kit. The creators of MakerPhones want to use the smartphone to build themselves, especially young people for the electrical engineering inspire.
MakerPhone das Smartphone zum selber bauen. (Bild: MakerPhone)
The set for creating the phone includes a 1.8-inch screen, a 600-mA battery, a 128-GB microSD memory card and a module with sound card, Wi-Fi, GSM and Bluetooth. Furthermore, a four-way joystick, motherboard, buttons, LEDs and the housing are included.
Die einzelnen Bauteile des MakerPhones. (Bild: MakerPhone)
The MakerPhone kit is designed according to the makers so that everyone can assemble the phone itself. For those who are not (yet) so deeply involved in electrical engineering, the manufacturer promises a detailed assembly instructions. With which everyone should be able to assemble, configure and program his phone in less than 7 hours.

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