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Locky introduces the first “smart” key

Locky introduces the first “smart” key
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Christian Boas

At times, modern technology allows us to simplify everyday things. Exactly the same has the key “Locky” planned, which has just collected at Kickstarter successfully 41,000 US dollars. Locky wants to help solve two problems that everyone has ever faced. On the one hand, “Where are my keys?” And on the other hand “Have I closed the door?”.

The gadget has a special holding and folding mechanism, which according to the makers to fit most keys. The keychain is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and synchronized with the Locky own app. The device should remember that the user has opened or closed the door at a certain time.

Locky stellt ersten "intelligenten" Schlüssel vor. (Bild: Locky)

If you ask yourself if you have locked the door, you can check it in the app. However, according to the developers, this should not be necessary because the app should automatically give a notification when you leave the apartment without locking the door.

If you have moved the keychain, this should be easy to find with the Locky app. At the push of a button in the app, the Bluetooth key fob connected to the smartphone should be easy to find again. Because if the gadget is in the Bluetooth range of the device, it should start to vibrate.

According to the makers, a battery should last for about a year before it needs to be replaced. If lost, the last known point on a map is also stored in the application where the last connection to the device was lost.

Price & Availability
After the project was successfully financed by Kickstarter on 27th September this year, the first units will go on sale in March 2019. During the campaign the gadget was available for 39, – US Dollar (about 34, – Euro), in the trade it should come for 79, – US Dollar (about 69, – Euro).

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