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Google introduces new smartphones today

Google introduces new smartphones today
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Christian Boas

A few days ago, Google publicly mocked Instagram on those who seriously believe the company will introduce Pixel Ultra today, October 9th. On his Instagram channel “MadeByGoogle”, the manufacturer showed a ruler and four four-sized smartphones and a sketched keychain with a phone on it. Next came the text: “There are rumors about a ‘mini-pixel’, but we asked ourselves: ‘Mini’ is how much? Our new smartphone will be slightly larger than in the picture. Learn everything on October 9th. ”

Tonight it’ll show what’s behind the ominous Google smartphone. Because today at 16:40 clock Google wants to introduce its new devices online. Follow the live presentation here on!

Earlier, insider Roland Quandt wrote that a Google device code-named “Bonito,” based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 710 platform, is in the testing phase. So the allusion of Google could not have been pure irony here.

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