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Bosch tests rental of e-vans

Bosch tests rental of e-vans
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Christian Boas

The traditional German company Bosch wants to test renting e-transporters. For this purpose Bosch wants to use the e-van of the post subsidiary Streetscooter. From December 2018, the company will offer to Toom DIY stores such electric vans for rent, said Bosch on Tuesday, October 9, 2018.

Der Streetscooter soll ab Dezember in ausgewählten Toom-Baumärkten verliehen werden. (Streetscooter)

First of all, a vehicle is planned to be stationed at DIY stores in Freiburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig and Troisdorf near Cologne. The test is initially scheduled for one year.

The idea of offering vans directly there where the need arises is not entirely new. For example, in cooperation with the car rental company Hertz, Ikea already offers electric vans for hire, including street scooters from the Deutsche Post subsidiary.

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