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Android: Google requires security updates to be mandatory

Android: Google requires security updates to be mandatory
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Christian Boas

Manufacturers of Android smartphones, who want to continue to use the Google OS, must in the future deliver security updates. According to a report by “The Verge” Google starts to write these conditions into the contracts with the manufacturers (partners). There is talk of two years ago. What sounds good at first glance, however, seems to be implemented only very timidly. In the first year here is just about at least four security updates for Android the speech.

The second year is also mandatory, but here there is no exact specification. Theoretically, it may be that a manufacturer gets away with 5 security updates in two years. Because still is a step in the right direction. However, Google should be stricter here, especially for security updates. Major updates are another thing.

One Android update per quarter
Google apparently already announced during the I / O in the summer that one would like to provide for “regular” updates. This is hopefully just the beginning. The condition only applies to new devices activated after 31 July 2018.

Manufacturers must close any vulnerabilities older than 90 days at the end of the month. Which in the end leads to a security update per quarter.

Manufacturers have to flaws identified by Google within a specific timeframe. By the end of each month, covered devices must be protected against all vulnerabilities but more than 90 days ago.

According to Google, if you ignore the rule, you will usually look more closely at the manufacturer’s future devices and not approve them in the event of an emergency. Whether Google really runs through this in the end, remains to be seen.

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