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The trend towards the gaming smartphone

The trend towards the gaming smartphone
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Our smartphones are getting more and more powerful, so now mobile games can be played at the console level with their mobile companions. This niche has meanwhile also discovered various smartphone manufacturers for themselves. Because after the manufacturers, the time is ripe for real gaming smartphones.

What hardly anyone knows, already in 2011, Sony Mobile has introduced the Xperia Play, a hybrid of smartphone and the console PlayStation Portable (PSP), which, however, became a flop. Because the Xperia Play was ahead of its time, then there were simply no smartphone optimized games. Today, 2018, the situation looks different. So it is not surprising that two manufacturers presented their games smartphones for this year’s IFA in Berlin.

Gaming features
At its core, the same gaming smartphones have the same high-end smartphones in their hardware. They have the same processors, the same graphics cards and the same amount of RAM. What sets them apart from other devices is not the intrinsic values. Rather, gaming smartphones have unique selling points such as high-repetition screens or cooling devices optimized for long gaming sessions, keeping the hardware at a tolerable temperature level.

With a higher refresh rate, everything on the screen is rendered much smoother. This is noticeable even when navigating through menus and scrolling on websites. For good sound, gaming smartphones have dual front speakers, some of which are even Dolby Atmos certified. For the cooling sometimes even extra aerodynamic ventilation ducts are used. Moobilux has put together for you the four most important representatives of this new smartphone class.

Honor play

Gaming-Smartphone Honor Play zur IFA18 vorgestellt. (Bild: Honor)The Huawei subsidiary Honor has also presented to the IFA 2018 their first game phone, that the design does not look very similar to the presented in May Honor 10, but has a larger screen. On the diagonal, the display measures a respectable 6.3 inches, the Honor 10, however, has only a just under 5.8 inches large screen. In contrast to the Honor 10, that in this country is optionally available with 64 or 128 GB, there is the Honor Play in Germany only with 64 GB of storage to buy. If that’s not enough, you can simply expand the memory with a microSD card.

Nubia Red Magic

Das Nubia Red Magic. (Bild: / TC)Nubia announced at the # IFA18 the Nubia Red Magic, which should come directly after electronics fair in Berlin in the trade. One that should score with features such as a built-in LED strip light on the back and a dedicated mode for the use of the game. Above all, the price should serve as an argument for the Nubia Red Magic – for only 449 euros, the customer gets from 7 September 2018 a high-end smartphone with a lot of memory, because there are basically eight gigabytes of RAM and 128 GB of internal flash Memory included.

Razer Phone

Das Razer Phone. (Bild: Razer)Razer, known as a manufacturer of gaming mice and keyboards, used dedicated hardware for gaming in its Razer Phone. So comes the smartphone z. B. with a 120-Hertz display for a fluid representation of games therefore. Although the Gamescom was presented in Cologne in 2018, no new device, but there are rumors that a Razer Phone 2 will come in the fall on the market.

Asus ROG Phone

Das Asus ROG Phone. (Bild: / TC)The manufacturer Asus also known for its powerful games motherboards, under the brand “Republic of Gamer” short ROG, especially motherboards, graphics cards but also a gaming smartphone in the program. To stand out, the device bears the name “ROG Phone”. The special features: In addition to high-end hardware is also a lot of bauble used. So z. For example, the illuminated logo or the attachable extensions such as fans or controllers.

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