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IFA18: Nubia Alpha, the smartphone of the future

IFA18: Nubia Alpha, the smartphone of the future
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Christian Boas

At this year’s IFA in Berlin (August 31 to September 5, 2018), the ZTE subsidiary Nubia introduced the Nubia Alpha, a new wearable that is in no way inferior to a smartphone.

Die Nubia Alpha. (Bild: Nubia)

The flexible smartphone for the wrist
The Nubia Alpha brings a camera and a XXL display to the wrist. The Nubia Alpha has a flexible OLED screen and an LTE modem so you can make and receive calls as well. Other than other smartwatches, the gadget should be more than just a watch that can be connected to the smartphone.
Die Nubia Alpha auf der #IFA18 in Berlin. (Bild: / TC)

Das cPlus von Lenovo im Jahre 2016. (Bild:
Price & Availability
As early as 2016, Lenovo introduced a similar concept with the CPlus, but it has never made it into the market so far. With the Nubia Alpha, the ZTE daughter of his competition comes before now, because the smart wristwatch should come in the fourth quarter of this year on the market – price unknown.

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