Donald Trump calls for Apple to produce in the US

Donald Trump calls for Apple to produce in the US
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Christian Boas

US President Donald Trump urged electronics giant Apple to re-manufacture its products in the country in order to avoid tariffs on Chinese imports. In his tweet, Trump said that the company should bring home the production of its equipment from China, where it is currently producing many of its products.

The President’s comments came after Apple said in a letter to US officials last week that new proposed US tariffs on China would cause “a wide range” of its products, including the Apple Watch, to incur additional costs.

Apple’s warning was in response to Trump’s plans to raise $ 267 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods in the coming days, which would escalate the ongoing trade war between the two countries.

Consumer electronics
While the US has imposed duties on imported Chinese goods this year, consumer electronics are not yet affected. However, this could change with the last round of proposed duties. Together with the Apple Watch, the prices for the AirPod headphones and the HomePod speakers would be affected, warned the company from Cupertino. The Apple iPhone, however, was not mentioned. Not only does Apple manufacture many of its products in China, but also sells them in the country, which could make the company vulnerable to any tariffs imposed as a countermeasure to US tariffs.

In his tweet, Trump said that Apple should build factories in the US, and even suggested that the company would not be subject to tax if it did. We at have to realize that the technology sector will be massively damaged by the tariffs proposed by the US, as this will not only make components more expensive.

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