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BQ will be part of the Android Enterprise Recommended Program

BQ will be part of the Android Enterprise Recommended Program
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Christian Boas

Spanish manufacturer BQ announced today that the company is now part of Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended program. The program validates enterprise smartphones that must meet strict hardware, software and security requirements. According to the manufacturer, the Aquaris X2 Pro, Aquaris X2 and Aquaris X Pro are among the first European smartphones recognized by Google as part of the Android Enterprise Recommended Program.
Das bq Aquaris X2 Pro, Aquaris X2 und Aquaris X Pro sind die ersten europäischen Smartphones, die von Googles Android Enterprise Recommended Programms anerkannt wurden. (Bild: bq)
Worldwide, the program includes 9 companies with a total of 46 validated smartphone models. In order to validate the Android Enterprise Recommended program, the devices must meet all hardware and software specifications that Google considers essential for the business sector. These range from software to battery autonomy, camera or security aspects.

Update Policy
In addition, a strict update policy must be adhered to. The devices must be compatible with Zero Touch, the new Google API for distributing and automatically setting up a business profile. In this way, IT departments can configure and manage devices block-wise and remotely through a platform that connects to the main Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) vendors. This minimizes end-user intervention and saves the company time and resources.

Security is one of the key aspects of Android Enterprise Recommended: All devices that are part of the program receive security updates every 90 days and at least one Mayor update. BQ shares in its own admission the view of Google:

“As a European company, security and privacy are our top priorities. We control all phases of smartphone development and are therefore able to prevent third-party intrusion into the software, thus guaranteeing security and privacy for users and businesses, “explains Rodrigo del Prado, deputy BQ director.

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