Acquisition: EU gives green light to Apple & Shazam

Acquisition: EU gives green light to Apple & Shazam
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Christian Boas

The US tech group and iPhone maker Apple has received the EU Commission’s green light for the acquisition of the London-based music recognition service Shazam. That’s right the deal that went on stage at the end of last year. At that time, the EU competition authorities had registered their concerns about possible distortion of competition. An in-depth examination, however, has been able to clear these out, according to Brussels.

Sticking point customer data
As the EU Commission states, the merger between Apple and Shazam is not expected to have a negative impact on the competition, the market and thus consumers in the member states. Specifically, the Brussels officials have investigated whether the acquisition would give Apple access to sensitive customer data of its rivals in the streaming sector and could possibly use this information specifically to attract consumers in a targeted manner.

But now it seems clear to politics that Americans can not exclude rival streaming providers from accessing customer data from the market. Also, it is from the point of view of the EU Commission for Apple with the deal not possible by a restriction of access to Shazam providers from the market. In short, the combination of Shazam and Apple’s user records will not give the now-approved merger of the two companies a unique advantage in their markets.

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