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H & M and Microsoft are testing smart mirrors

H & M and Microsoft are testing smart mirrors
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Christian Boas

Microsoft and H & M recently unveiled their joint development project, Smart Mirror in New York. The interactive mirror helps the user to choose the right clothes or shoots a selfie of the customer on request, which cleverly combines the fashion chain with discounts.

This unusual mirror has built-in voice recognition based on Microsoft Azure Cloud. So this can interact linguistically with the customer. Currently, the “Mirror on the Wall” is located on the second floor of New York’s H & M flagship store in Times Square. In the video, the strategy of the fashion chain is quite clear.

First, the mirror “recognizes” the customer with the built-in camera and welcomes him. The customer can then z. For example, ask the mirror to take a selfie in new clothes or ask him for advice on choosing a style. The photo is processed with filters that make it look like the cover of a magazine. Through a QR code, the images can then be downloaded and shared via social networks.

If you ask the mirror for a style of advice, this asks a few parameters and then proposes a matching garments with a personal discount. The developers are certain that the “intelligent” mirror opens up a new area of ​​application and offers the customer more service.

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