Does Apple 2018 introduce the new entry-level iPhone?

Does Apple 2018 introduce the new entry-level iPhone?
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Christian Boas

In the mobile industry, it is firmly expected that Apple will introduce new iPhones this year. Now it’s time to announce the worldwide pre-order launch of the followers of the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

The magazine “Macerkopf” wants to have learned that the starting signal for the pre-order of the new iPhones on Friday, 14 September 2018 should fall.

In addition, developers have found in XCode several references to a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone. In the code it is called “iPhone xx”, then as “iPhone9.7”, then as LCP with the model number N84. But that’s not so important. The main thing is that this iPhone will be equipped according to XCode with an A10 processor and a DCI P3 display. Maybe we can expect here with a successor to the entry-level iPhone SE.

Probably, this “iPhone 9.7” (good, or 6.1-inch LCD iPhone) will be presented simultaneously with the updated 5.8-inch iPhone X and 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus. It would all fit together: The price of about 600 US dollars, a huge number of colors (like the iPhone 5S) and a rather old hardware base. Despite the old A10 chipset, the smartphone should have Face-ID, 3 GB of RAM and a single main camera and a frameless screen with Notch.

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