Apple swallows Akonia Holographics

Apple swallows Akonia Holographics
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Christian Boas

Apple is investing in augmented reality (AR) development and acquiring US-based Akonia Holographics, a company specializing in AR eyewear screens. The confirmed Apple, but called no specific price.

Industry observers suspect that the corporation seeks the acquisition of a revolutionary comeback of the iPhone. According to concurring media reports, the technology group is expected to launch a mature AR headset or AR-pair in 2020. Hardly surprising that the concept of “Holo Mirror” by Akonia Holographics should be at the center of Apple’s efforts.

Specifically, this technological approach allows for colorful images to be projected onto the lenses of the headsets – an optimal extension of the existing Apple portfolio, experts say. And yet, the iPhone group should have a hard time in the competitive AR market segment. Last but not least industry figures like Amazon, Google, Facebook and others want to make the technology accessible in many application areas.

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