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Android 9 Pie is here!

Android 9 Pie is here!
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Christian Boas

Yesterday evening Google has surprisingly presented the final version of its mobile operating system Android version 9 alias Android P. Now also the secret has been revealed, what the P stands for, it stands for Pie, in German cakes. Owners of a Google smartphone (Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 or Pixel 2XL) will receive the update to Android 9.0 via the over-the-air update.

Even smarter
Google promises that Android Pie serves to make the “smartphone even smarter”. Behind it, of course, once again is the use of artificial intelligence. Android has become much more “adaptive” and should be better adapted to the needs of the individual user. The new features of the new Android 9, Google has published in a comprehensive article on the main features. In addition, the official website for Android 9.0 has been updated.

Was ist neu bei Android 9 aka Android Pie? (Grafik: Google)

Artificial intelligence
The artificial intelligence-enhanced features include intelligent battery control, with automatic brightness control or control over app actions, and a feature called Slices, which will not be released until fall in an update.

Intelligent battery control now prioritizes battery performance based on user behavior. In other words, apps and services that are used frequently receive priority power, other apps can be excluded from use, and thus the runtime is extended without sacrificing anything.

The function of automatic brightness is not really new. The brightness of the screen is automatically adjusted to the ambient light, taking into account personal preferences.

The app actions could prove to be particularly useful. Android 9 now recognizes contextually typical actions that a user performs. For example, when connecting a headset, the last playlist is opened or the phone app is started.

Improved interface
Android 9 has a lot of changes and improvements in the user interface in the bag. These include redesigned quick settings, simple volume controls and better screenshots. In addition, Google’s development team has introduced a new system navigation, which gets along with a start-up button and thus allows for larger displays, a more convenient operation:

“With a single, clear Home key, you can swipe up to see the redesigned dashboard – the place where you see the full-screen view of your most recently used apps. You can swipe up from anywhere. If you then tap on one of the most recently used apps, you simply call it back. And if you’re constantly switching between the apps on your pixel, we have good news for you: The smart text selection (which recognizes the meaning of the selected text and suggests relevant actions) now works in the overview of your recently used apps and makes it easier to run Action, “Google explains the new operation.

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