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The VDSL2 + marketing starts in the beginning of August

The VDSL2 + marketing starts in the beginning of August
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Starting in August 2018, many providers such as 1 & 1, Vodafone, O2 or Deutsche Telekom will start marketing the new, faster VDSL2 + access, which will allow up to 300 Mbps download and up to 50 Mbps upload. In order to be able to use the advantages of the new VDSL2 + technology (also called Super Vectoring), users need not only the appropriate VDSL2 + tariff, but also compatible end devices, ie routers and modems.

Super vectoring
Super Vectoring 35b allows download rates of up to 300 Mbit / s by extending the frequency band from 17 MHz to 35 MHz. Depending on the line length and line quality on site new, very fast internet accesses are possible. In addition to Super Vectoring, most VDSL2 + routers also support all other popular DSL connections.
DSL, VDSL und VDSL2 Super Vectoring im Vergleich. (Infografik: 1&1)
New hardware needed
Anyone who considers switching to one of the fast ports may need new hardware. Because even up-to-date routers rarely master the standard 35b necessary for super vectoring. The choice of routers in the trade support the VDSL2 + is not huge, but there are various devices of the manufacturers AVM and TP-Link in the free trade to choose from. In AVM support the Fritzbox 7590, 7581, 7582 and the Fritzbox 6890 LTE the new access technology. TP-Link supports only the model TP-Link VR2800v Super Vectoring with the required standard 35b.

Die Fritzbox 7590 (Bild: AVM)Der TP-Link VR2800v. (Bild: TP-Link)Der 1&1 HomeServer+ (Bild: 1&1)Der 1&1 HomeServerSpeed+ (Bild: 1&1)Der Lancom 1793VA-4G (Bild: Lancom)

network provider
In addition to the free commercially available routers, there are still those that are available only through the network operators. Most of these devices are specially adapted to versions that are provided with appropriate brand ring.

In the Deutsche Telekom, there are about the router Speedport Smart 3 or the Speedport W 925 V. The provider 1 & 1, the customer receives a customized version of the AVM Fritzbox 7530 (Home Server Speed ​​Plus) and Fritzbox 7590 (Home Server Plus) to the contract. The Fritzbox 7581 and Fritzbox 7582 are also offered only via mostly local telecommunications companies.

AVM is ahead
The German manufacturer AVM from Berlin, has what the selection, the router with Super Vectoring support the nose ahead. Here the interested customer can choose among four different Fritz boxes that support the super fast VDSL2 + and are available on the market.

VDSL2 + in business
For VDSL2 + use in a professional environment, the German manufacturer Lancom will bring four new Business Routers of the 1793 series with Super Vectoring support on the market.

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