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Smartphones overtake PC as a gaming platform

Smartphones overtake PC as a gaming platform
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Christian Boas

18.2 million people in Germany play on their smartphones. That’s around 900,000 (+5 percent) more than a year ago. The additional player makes the smartphone for the first time the most popular gaming platform in Germany and was able to displace the PC (17.3 million players) from the top position. That was announced today “Game” the Association of the German game industry. The association commissioned the market research company GfK to collect data for the study, which included GfK Consumer Panels, GfK Entertainment and GfK POS Measurement.
Smartphones überholen PC 2018 als Spieleplattform, das fand Game der Verband der deutschen Spielebranche heraus. (Grafik: Game)
Game consoles like Sony’s Playstation 4, Nintendo’s Switch and Microsoft’s Xbox One use 16 million people in Germany, around 200,000 (+1 percent) more than a year ago. The number of tablet players has not changed: 11.5 million people in Germany play on their tablets.

“Games are becoming increasingly popular. The smartphone reaches it especially through its widespread use and the low entry barriers also many people who have previously played little or no. The growing variety of gaming platforms with millions of viewers is also important for indie developers. With their small budgets and great creativity, they inspire more and more people with their courageous and surprising game ideas, “says Game Director Felix Falk.

3 billion euro limit breached
The German game market breaks through the 3 billion euro mark for the first time. In total, 34.3 million people play in Germany. That’s just about every second German. Of these, 47 percent are women and 53 percent men. The average age of gamers in Germany has increased in 2018 to over 36 years. Overall, the market for computer and video games and games hardware grew by 15 percent in 2017 to over 3.3 billion euros.
Spiele Apps bleiben laut Verband einer der größten Wachstumstreiber. (Grafik: Game)
This broke the German games market for the first time the 3 billion euro barrier. One of the biggest growth drivers remains games for smartphones and tablets: In 2017, sales of gaming apps in Germany grew to 497 million euros. This is an increase of 21 percent compared to 2016 (409 million euros). Sales of gaming apps in 2017 thus grew significantly faster than the overall German games market and has more than doubled since 2014 (241 million euros).

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