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Smarter trash can help with waste separation

Smarter trash can help with waste separation
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Christian Boas

Currently looking for Oscar, a “thinking” trash on Kickstarter after supporters. The smart garbage bin should independently sort garbage. What is almost natural in Germany, to sort the garbage between organic, paper, plastic or glass, is not even available or underdeveloped in many countries. Here is the clever dustbin Oscar help solve the problem.

Oscar is based on artificial intelligence and can currently sort the garbage between two species into different garbage containers. A sensor detects who is moving with his hand over the flap and automatically opens the input tray without getting your hands dirty. Housed within the housing is a system of cameras which scan the waste and assign it in one of two ways for subsequent transport into the appropriate waste bin. This recognition system is constantly being trained and does not know what else to do, so you can help Oscar with the decision. So the trash can should work better and better over time.

Whether this kind of smart waste separation is accepted in this country and whether two containers can work for our society focused on separation, still has to be proven. Currently, interested parties can support the project for a further 25 days at Kickstarter. It remains to be seen if Oscar will reach the target of $ 20,000 (about 17,112 euros), currently the project is only at 3,589, – US dollars. A smart garbage can cost here $ 299, and should go into delivery in October 2018, if the project is successful.

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