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Slack swallows US startup missions

Slack swallows US startup missions
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The US company Slack, successful provider of the same workplace chat app Slack has taken over the software Startup Missions from Denver. The company wants to increase its attractiveness for its customers. Slack declined to comment on the financial terms of the transaction, marking Slack’s third acquisition in its history. Slack Technologies was founded in 2009 in Vancouver, Canada. The company later relocated its headquarters to the US, San Francisco.

Although Missions is a small startup with less than 10 employees, Brian Elliott, Slack’s vice president and general manager, described the deal as a friendly – as a hostile takeover. Slack also does not want to transfer his new employees who joined Slack in Denver this week to other product development teams, Elliott said. Instead, the mission team in Denver is to further develop its work on the original product, an extension for Slack.


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Missions specializes in technology that makes it easy for non-IT employees to create features for Slack so customers can tailor the workplace application to their needs. This could include features such as creating a “simple approval process” within Slack, where various team members can “log off” after completing a project, Elliott said.

Companies could use the mission technology for For example, you can use it to create new employee induction systems that are built within Slack so that new employees can see a to-do list they need to complete, such as: For example, forms that you fill out or the meetings you need to attend. Slack recently introduced a feature that helps other companies integrate their own tools into Slack.

Mission CEO Mike Brevoort said he chose Slack because his startup had reached a turning point. The mission technology specifically tailored to Slack, a sale to Slack was just too obvious logical decision.

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