Red OnePlus 6 officially confirmed

Red OnePlus 6 officially confirmed
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Christian Boas

It was foreseeable that after the successful launch of the OnePlus 6, OnePlus will launch a limited edition in red after the OnePlus 5T “Lava Red”. Although on the “Lava Red” a simple red, but otherwise it corresponds to the same scheme. Also, the model is technically identical to the other color finishes of the OnePlus 6.

Rotes OnePlus 6 offiziell bestätigt. (Bild OnePlus)

Six layers of glass form the back of the OnePlus 6 Red. In this variant, the manufacturer has added an additional anti-reflective layer to create a sense of depth by allowing more light to enter the lower layers before it is reflected by the device. A translucent orange layer has been blended with the red base layer to create a bright and shiny red that blends uniquely with the OnePlus design.

Pre-orders for the OnePlus 6 Red are possible from today, the 2nd of July, the sale starts on the 10th of July. The OnePlus 6 Red will be available with 128GB memory and 8GB RAM for 569,00 € on the manufacturer side. Customers in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, the OnePlus 6 Red can also order on Amazon, the manufacturer said in his press release.

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