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Gadget inCharge Universal is looking for Indiegogo supporters

Gadget inCharge Universal is looking for Indiegogo supporters
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Christian Boas

The Swiss startup Ferraris Group was founded in Switzerland in 2015 and had already successfully launched a USB cable with Micro-USB & Lightning support for the keychain with the inCharge.

Das Gadget inCharge Universal such auf Indiegogo Unterstützer (Bild:

Now the startup has introduced the universally applicable adapter solution for all possible USB variants with the inCharge Universal. Exactly the original inCharge, the inCharge Universal is also funded via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The prices start from 7, – US-Dollar plus about 5, – US-Dollar shipping costs. On the Indiegogo Campaign page, you can order the right USB cable for the keychain, and it will ship at the end of the campaign. In contrast to its predecessor, different materials and color variants are available.

Four versions:

inCharge Dual: USB to Lightning or Micro-USB
inCharge All-in-One: USB to Lightning, Micro-USB or USB-C
inCharge USB-C to Dual: USB-C to Lightning or Micro-USB
inCharge USB-C to USB-C: For the most modern nomads

The two plugs adhere to each other magnetically, as Stretchgoal when exceeding the $ 200,000 limit is also provided in addition a small plug-in system. Currently, the campaign is priced at $ 167,457, 1,675% above the $ 10,000 target. The practical cable companions are to be delivered in September 2018. If you want to support the project, you can do so on the Indiegogo website, the campaign will run for another 25 days until the beginning of August 2018.

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