Facebook swallows the US startup Redkix

Facebook swallows the US startup Redkix
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Facebook has acquired Redkix, an email startup that combines email, messaging and calendaring in one app, the company said. Facebook has made the purchase in the hope of developing its own communication features within Facebook Workplace, the corporate version of Facebook that competes with Slack.

The social networking giant did not want to say what the acquisition cost. Redkix had previously raised $ 17 million and has offices in Silicon Valley and Israel. It’s also unclear how Redkix’s workplace technology should be integrated, though it makes sense strategically for Facebook.

Facebook Workplace schluckt Redkix. (Screenshot:

Workplace, which is also used internally by Facebook employees, is similar to the normal version of Facebook. That means it has features like messages and groups, but no traditional features like email or calendar. So it’s hard to say how Workplace can fit into Facebook’s broader strategy. Because Facebook is primarily a media and advertising company, but Workplace is subscriptions and not ads.

When Workplace was first introduced in early 2015, the idea of ​​a subscription business was intriguing. It was hoping that Facebook has found an alternative source of income. However, it is not known how well the service works. Facebook Workplace claims to have 30,000 customers using the product, but Facebook does not share how many of these corporate customers pay for the service.

Compared to the main competitor, the incredibly popular Slack messaging service worth more than $ 5 billion, Facebook’s 30,000 customers are less than half. Slack claims to have over 70,000 paying subscribers and recently that US startup took over missions. For 2018 Slack expects a turnover of 1 billion US dollars.

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