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Deutsche Post gets major customers for StreetScooter

Deutsche Post gets major customers for StreetScooter
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Christian Boas

Deutsche Post has found another major customer for its Electric Transporter StreetScooter. The subsidiary of the energy company Innogy, Westnetz, wants to acquire by 2020 about 300 of the transporter, the companies said last Friday.

special model
The 300 StreetScooter would be modified and produced in the course of a development partnership according to the special requirements of the network operator. Among the special requirements include z. For example, a maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour or the use of fuel cells to generate energy from hydrogen and thus increase the range of StreetScooter.

Intentional demand
In 2014, Swiss Post secured all shares in the Startup StreetScooter. The citizens of Bonn use the electric vehicle in their own fleet and sell it to customers outside the Group. Most recently, the British company Milk & More had ordered 200 of the electric vehicles for their milk suppliers.

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