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BVG ticket app in the moobilux self-test

BVG ticket app in the moobilux self-test
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Christian Boas

Following the data-gathering rage of the first attempt to establish an eclectic ticket in the federal capital in 2015, the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) has introduced the successor, a plastic card with NFC function for subscribers, whose success, however, seems to be limited. Now, the BVG has brought some time ago, the BVG Ticket App on the market, which is quite convincing, if, if the smartphone still has enough juice, but in order.

The self-experiment
We have decided on to a self-experiment and tested the BVG-TICK app in everyday life quite practical. The BVG Ticket App is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. After installing the BVG-Tickte App, you first have to register with a valid e-mail address at the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe. For the payment one then has the choice between direct debit, credit card or PayPal and only has to deposit the corresponding data.

Almost all tickets
With the BVG Ticket App, almost all BVG or Verkehrsverbund Berlin Brandenburg tickets, or VBB for short, can be used. B. the single ticket, buy the 4-trip ticket, short-haul or monthly pass. The ordering process takes only a few seconds when using a credit card, just as when paying via PayPal.

Startseite der BVG-Ticket App. (Bild: Fahrkarte in der BVG-Ticket App. (Bild: persönliche Übersicht in der BVG-Ticket App. (Bild:

Subsequently, the purchased ticket in the app under the tab “ticket storage” is immediately available via a QR code, can control the validity of the ticket at a check or in the buses when boarding by the driver or inspectors. In addition, the ticket of the BVG Ticket App has a colored green bar, which also visually shows the length of validity, such as: B. in a monthly ticket displays.

Tax proof
For all those who need tax proof or just an invoice for travel expenses, the BVG-Tickt App has an option to order an invoice. With just a few clicks, all the data required for the bill is recorded in the app and the invoice via e-mail as a PDF file on the way to your own inbox.

Sufficient energy
However, the BVG ticket app has one important limitation: you always have to have enough energy in the battery of your smartphone, because if it is empty and the smartphone is off, this is considered driving without a valid ticket. The BVG also points out that one must have bought his card, even before boarding. Ordering in the vehicle would not be allowed.

Once you have taken the trouble to collect your data with the BVG Ticket App, this is a good alternative to the classic paper version. In particular, since one gets the bill by e-mail to the personal mailbox and one can save oneself, thereby also the copying of the tickets printed partly on sensitive thermal paper.

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