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4.3 billion euros record fine against Google

4.3 billion euros record fine against Google
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Christian Boas

Google has to pay a total penalty of 4.3 billion euros for its mobile operating system Android, the European Commission has decided. The EU accuses the US company of abusing the monopoly position of its operating system Android. The EU antitrust agency has imposed Google with 4.3 billion euros, the next record-breaking penalty. The Californian company distributes their operating system for free but has strict conditions that device manufacturers always need to install the full range of Google Apps on their smartphone if they want to use it for free. Although the bus money exceeds the good 2.4 billion euros from the process of shopping search, but should be paid for the Group from large petty cash. In addition, it is questionable whether Google simply accepts the punishment or will try to take legal action against it.

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