The most incredible gadgets 2018

The most incredible gadgets 2018
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Christian Boas

At the past Computex in Taipei not only new computers but also many bizarre new gadgets were presented. has compiled for you the three most striking 2018 gadgets.

1. The photo camera made of paper

Die Paper Shoot Camera besteht aus Papier. (Bild: Papershoot)

Expensive cameras are usually made of metal, whereas cheap ones are usually made of plastic, on Computex in Taipei it’s a camera made of paper! The camera is only 12mm thick and has a 5 megapixel lens. Recorded images are saved on a microSD card. A “native” 2GB card is enough to store nearly 800 photos. Its power draws the camera from two AAA batteries and also looks very unusual.

2. The ring headphones

Telefonieren mit dem Finger im Ohr. (Foto: Origami Labs)

The startup Orii showed up at the Computex 2018 with the ring headset, which was funded by Indiegogo last August. The startup received $ 2.5 million and brought their ring headset to the show. The ring headset works on the bone conduction principle. The developers claim that their gadget is already working perfectly with Siri and Google Now to recognize voice commands.

3. The smart diapers

Mit dem „Internet of Shit“ schauen ob die Windel voll ist. (Bild: Opro9)

The Taiwanese are practically thinking people and very fond of children, therefore, the Taiwanese company Opro has presented a sensor with which you can check the diaper of the offspring for their replacement needs. Quasi IoS = “Internet of Shit”. The sensor is glued to the bottom of the diaper and sends a notification to the smartphone, when it’s time again to change the diaper. By the way, the gadget should also collect helpful statistics on how often the child goes to the bathroom. On the other hand, it is questionable whether one wants to remove the sensor from a full diaper again, but he is quite inexpensive with 1, – €.

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