Samsung trolls again Apple’s iPhone

Samsung trolls again Apple’s iPhone
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Christian Boas

Samsung has released a Galaxy S9 ad called “Move Forward”. In the story, the female protagonist constantly has to deal with the problem of her slow iPhone. Because of the too long loading time of the app, the ticket opens too late. On arrival, she gets into the wrong car because Uber is not opened. Parallel to the problems of the main character with their iPhone, they show how the rest with the Galaxy smartphone, the same tasks quickly and successfully done.

Then the protagonist notices an Apple Store and complains to the consultant about the slow iPhone. He suggests that they disable the performance manager of the iPhone, or replace the old smartphone with a new iPhone.

So, Samsung is making fun of Apple’s decision to reduce the performance of the mobile devices at worse battery through iOS to save power. As a result, the protagonist leaves the Apple Store and is in the next scene with a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus on the sofa. What the Koreans skilfully omit in their advertising is the fact that Apple is now offering a low-priced battery exchange for just under 30 euros.

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