Google Pay officially launched in Germany

Google Pay officially launched in Germany
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Christian Boas

The mobile payment service Google Pay is now also available in Germany. Adidas, Aldi Süd, Media Markt, Lidl, Hornbach and the fast-food chain McDonald’s are amongst the first partners. If you would like to use Google Pay, you must download the associated app from the Play Store and, in addition to a Google Account, you must also have a bank account with one of the supporting banks. In addition to bank details, customer cards for various chains and shops can also be deposited in the Google Pay App. With it, no points or special offers go through the bars.

Similar to contactless bank and credit cards, Google Pay can be used for amounts up to 25, – Euro. The payment process works by the user holding his smartphone at the cash register, to the designated terminal, just as with an NFC-enabled bank or credit card. If you want to pay a higher amount than 25, – Euro, the customer must first release it separately.

Although Google promises that the payment process, no data with the respective dealers will be shared. Likewise, Google does not want to use the deposited information for its own promotional purposes, but who, when, where and what, which price buys, Google still knows. There is also no information as to when and if Google deletes this data.

Google Pay offiziell in Deutschland gestartet. (Screenshot:

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