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App: ZenScreen wants to help addicts in the withdrawal

App: ZenScreen wants to help addicts in the withdrawal
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Christian Boas

The US startup ZenScreen has developed a new approach to reduce the ubiquitous addiction to social media and effectively reduce screen time. This should work with a “balanced digital diet” prepared by specialists, in which programmed routines limit the use of the app.

Existing apps lock users out of the browser or the entire smartphone for a limited amount of time. However, according to ZenScreen CEO Nitin Bahrdari, this artificial abstinence approach is not practical for many people. A complete smartphone taboo is in the professional environment anyway not possible. Therefore, ZenScreen App includes a number of different features to be able to digitally shorten as a user.

For example, the ZenScreen app offers users with the Smart Morning feature to stay away from the phone every morning for about an hour. Users can use applications like a set timetable. For example, access social apps for 10 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of opening apps that are necessary for work or utilities. The startup requires $ 4.99 per month for this type of service, the equivalent of approximately $ 4.30.

“Comparing our prices with gym membership – that’s basically what we do for your brain,” explains Bahrdari. “If you compare that to the $ 80 or $ 100 a month for a gym, $ 4.99 seems to be a breeze – if the issue is important to you,” says Bahrdari.

First investments
The start-up has already raised around $ 700,000 from investors. Therefore, iOS and Android apps as well as a Chrome browser extension have already been released in April.

“The company uses VPN technology to monitor app usage. We have a unique technology in which the entire process runs directly on the device and sensitive data never reaches our servers, “says Nitin Bahrdari.

For example, social networks can be limited just before bedtime. There’s also a “Digital Health Pyramid” created by the app, similar to a nutritional consultation, showing which apps can be used and how often.

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