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Segway robot “Loomo” presented

Segway robot “Loomo” presented
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Christian Boas

The US manufacturer Segway Robotics has introduced “Loomo”, a smart assistant with integrated passenger transporter. Because the modern electronic means of transport, brings you not only from A to B, but should also act as a personal assistant.

Following the example of the Segway, Loomo himself keeps his balance with gyroscopes and is said to be able to cover around 35 kilometers with one battery charge. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), high-resolution cameras, motion sensors and speech recognition, this is a new kind of “smart machine” that is currently successfully searching for supporters on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. For 1.299, – US dollars, converted just under 1.612, – Euro interested can preorder the Loomo here. The campaign seems to be a complete success just a few days after launch. Today, Friday, March 9, 2018, the project has already collected 377% of the planned $ 100,000.

“Segway has already landed millions of wheels on the ground, which together cover 180 million kilometers per year. But what happens if we combine our proven mobility technology with state-of-the-art AI systems? Say hello to Loomo, “writes Li Pu, president of Segway Robotics, on Indiegogo.

For many, the small, versatile robotic assistant is “the fulfillment of a long-cherished childhood dream or a fantasy of science-fiction films,” says Pu. The robot itself is referred to as a “smart machine” located somewhere between a mini-personnel van and a mobile robot pug. According to the manufacturer, Loomo already has a versatile set of basic features on board when it launches.

You can use it as a means of transport, set it so that it drives behind as a personal assistant on their own and, for example, carries shopping home, or impress friends with his playful personality, the American manufacturer summarizes on the Loomo project page on Indiegogo. Later, new features will be added later by means of special updates.

Delivery starts in May
To realize its versatility, Loomo has a significant number of technological components. It includes an Intel RealSense ZR300 camera with depth detection and motion tracking, a 1080p HD camera that provides 30 Hz streaming and has a 104-degree field of view to visually perceive the environment. The correct recognition of voice commands is ensured by five different microphones. By means of touch sensors, the interaction with the robot should also be very simple. In addition, the small assistant can also control a smartphone app, promises the manufacturer. According to Segway Robotics, the first Loomo models will be delivered to customers as early as May 2018.

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