Firefox extension blocks Facebook

Firefox extension blocks Facebook
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Christian Boas

Mozilla joins the current public debate about Facebook’s handling of user data with the new Firefox extension (“Add-on”) “Facebook container”. From Facebook itself, Mozilla has already removed its Facebook profile for a short time and also stopped his advertising on the social network.

Although it is not an immediate reaction, as the development of the extension has lasted longer, but it comes just for many users as called. With the new extension, users of the Firefox web browser can now protect Facebook from uninterrupted data collection while surfing the web.

Firefox steckt Facebook in den Container. (Bild: Mozilla)

The Firefox extension forms a container for Facebook and decouples it during a surf session from the rest. Thus, Facebook can collect any more data about the personal surfing behavior of the user more.

A Mozilla blog entry says it has been working on the extension for several years: “With the growing demand for privacy and security management tools, we’ve pushed things forward and are now able to download the add-on “, Says Mozilla.

The Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit US organization that was created to support the Mozilla 2003 software project. As a project organization, it stands behind the web browser Firefox and ensures its further development. The nonprofit Mozilla Foundation is committed to providing free and secure access to the Internet. The organization attaches particular importance to the protection of the privacy of its users.

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