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E-Mobility: German car industry relies on homeland

E-Mobility: German car industry relies on homeland
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Christian Boas

German automobile companies invested in electromobility especially in their home market Germany. In 2017, the auto industry invested around 4.2 billion euros in projects related to e-mobility. This emerges from a study by the auditing firm Ernst & Young. Above all, Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW were pioneers and invested in their home market.

overall ranking
Germany takes first place in the overall ranking, depending on the amount of the location-related, invested volume. Concrete, local investment projects, investor presentations and press releases of the 16 leading global automotive groups in the years 2010 to 2017 were evaluated.

Since the beginning of 2016, the world’s 16 largest car companies have launched a total of 25 projects designed to promote electromobility. According to the study, this not only includes the development of new models, but also the construction of new factories and the conversion of old production facilities. The order volume during this period totaled € 5.2 billion, more than 80 percent, and 22 projects accounted for the year 2017.

A large part of the investment came from the German carmakers, who started a total of 15 projects worth EUR 4.7 billion since 2016, three quarters of them in Germany. In total, the world’s 16 largest carmakers in 2017 announced projects worth € 12.3bn in the Federal Republic of Germany, the US (€ 8.3bn), 2016 first in this ranking, and China (€ 2bn) ) follow in the squares. Worldwide investments of 27.4 billion euros were announced in 2017, 68 percent more than in 2016 (16.3 billion euros).

electric drive
Gerhard Schwartz, Partner and Sector Leader Industrial at the auditing firm, is calling the electric drive for cars a massive increase in importance in the future: “From 2019, a ten percent quota for electric cars will apply in China. In order to continue to play a role in this market, which is the largest for German carmakers, the supply must be further expanded, “said Schwartz. The market shares worldwide are still small, but this will change and China will play the role of pioneer here.

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