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Do future autonomous vehicles have their own SIM card?

Do future autonomous vehicles have their own SIM card?
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Christian Boas

Will soon be in every car a SIM card for the mobile network? At least if it goes according to the plans of Vodafone, in the future in every autonomous vehicle a SIM card will connect the car to the Fast 5G data network of the future. The declared aim of the mobile communications company is to equip each car with an IoT SIM card in the future and to make it a full-fledged, mobile network subscriber.

“We believe that in the future the car will become a smartphone on four wheels,” says Vodafone press spokesman Tobias Krzossa, who is responsible for Internet of Things technology.

According to Krzossa, the individual automobiles with their own SIM card for the future 5G network would free the vehicles from their “classic isolation position” and make them a fully networked participant in road traffic. For example, the grid operator should be provided with all the important information about weather conditions, accidents, traffic jams etc. directly to the vehicle. Alternative routes would be theoretically feasible within fractions of a second. Because the car does not only rely on information from other vehicles, but also on information from cameras and traffic monitoring technologies.

For Vodafone this idea is the basis for the realization of fully autonomous driving. The implementation is already within reach, according to Krzossa. Trials with vehicles are already running. Admittedly, the future 5G network would have to be structured in a correspondingly close and comprehensive manner. In addition, the already existing at LTE (4G) existing problems, the low data drain and supply lines would have to be solved beforehand. An autonomous vehicle already generates gigabits of data every minute, which may add up to several terabits in several. Thus, in future autonomous cars are no longer the quality of the roads, but the mobile network crucial.

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