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Build websites with Wix and maintain them via smartphone

Build websites with Wix and maintain them via smartphone
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Christian Boas

Those who can not be found on the internet today are virtually “dead,” says Bill Gates. However, if you can not program yourself and still have a website, such eg. needs as an artist or club, can either hire a lot of money for a programmer, or accesses a home page building set . Wix is ​​such a homepage building set that was known more than 10 years ago, especially for its easy to create Flash websites.

The now obsolete Flash technology from Adobe has now disappeared in the moth box for a few years. Good thing, because today it is important the website also on the go, e.g from the tablet or smartphone to maintain. Thus, the topic of control via smartphone app more in focus. Therefore, we have taken for you the service Wix, together with his app under the microscope.

Because Wix offers in addition to its fee-based premium services, moving between 4, – to 25, – € per month and a free homepage, which is limited in scope and memory to 500 MB, but for many smaller projects should be enough , A disadvantage of the free offer, however, is that the Wix logo is always displayed on your own homepage and the URL is not exactly sexy, but more on that later.


Die Kosten für die Premium-Dienste liegen zwischen 4 und 25 Euro im Monat. (Screenshot: moobilux)

After logging in, which works simply via Facebook and Google log-in, you get to see a user interface that is clearly arranged. This is especially important for beginners, since otherwise they are quickly deterred by such a system because of their features. The user can use the free version directly after the registration process and immediately start building their own homepage. Depending on the intended use, it is still advisable to book paid premium packages after logging in, for example, when dealing with an online shop or the presentation of a company.

Wix offers a variety of design templates for your own project, which are sorted by category. These can be edited and individualized as desired. Even videos and photos are easy to insert and complete your own website. This means, no matter what kind of company or project you want to present, there are enough design options to choose from.

In addition, the own web project can be individually supplemented with the numerous Wix apps. By dragging and dropping, the individual elements can be easily inserted and edited in your own project. In addition, a WYSIWYG editor allows you to change data without programming knowledge. If you want to run your website under your own domain at Wix, you must book a premium package for this, which will then also make the otherwise compulsory advertising disappear on your own page. In addition, customers of premium packages also have more storage space or analysis tools such as Google Analytics available.

Die Auswahl der Vorlagen in den einzelnen Kategorien bei ist groß. (Screenshot:

Which brings us to the two Wix features. So there are, in addition to the free variant, more packages that differ on the one or the other feature from each other. For example, the cheapest premium variant “Connect Domain” can use its own domain, but not the integration of its own favicon. Again, it makes sense to think about your own project beforehand, so that you know which functions to compulsorily and which one is optional, in order to quickly find the right premium package.

Negatively, we noticed the limited traffic volume of 500 MB in the free offer at WIX; In our opinion, this is no longer up-to-date and is quickly used up when using high-resolution images. It’s also not clear what happens when the volume of traffic is used up. Whether the website is no longer accessible or simply much slower, we could not understand in our test.

In the Help section you can find the Wix Support Forum. Here the most frequently asked questions of the users are answered and if this is not sufficient, here is a contact form available. In addition, topics based videos exist in almost all areas. Incidentally, the first explanatory video is given directly after the registration. It explains the basic features of Wix. A telephone support we have also not found on the Wix website. When googling one finds however a US-American call number, these we did not try however.


If you do not want to use the regular Wix Editor, WIX also offers the possibility to use WIX ADI. WIX combines artificial intelligence and web design with ADI. After answering some (simple) questions, the AI ​​creates its own website by itself within a few minutes. In addition, Wix states that applying the ADI algorithm does not make any created web page the same. In our test, however, our main focus was on the regular Wix editor.


In summary, it can be stated that the WIX homepage kit is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced users. Thanks to the clearly structured user interface, nothing stands in the way of a quick, smooth start to your own web project. In addition, it is very convenient that you can control all the WIX website related things from the smartphone app. Due to the various premium packages should also be the right one for every need. However, the prices for this premium package are quite high. The 14-day trial can be helpful in finding the right package and experimenting with it at no cost risk. There are point deduction, however, for the seemingly non-existent German telephone support and the outdated limitation of the traffic volume in the free and the two cheapest premium rates of the provider.

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