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Blackberry sues Facebook

Blackberry sues Facebook
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Canadian smartphone pioneer Blackberry is suing Facebook and its daughters WhatsApp and Instagram for alleged infringement of Blackberry patents. To this end, the group filed a lawsuit yesterday in a federal court in Los Angeles.

Blackberry accuses the company of using Facebook’s mobile messenger services as well as Blackberry’s corporate technologies belonging to the group. The lawsuit was preceded by years of negotiations, said the Blackberry spokeswoman. It also states that the protection of intellectual property is one of the fundamental tasks of every CEO.

BlackBerry spokeswoman Sarah McKinney said in an email. “Protecting shareholder and intellectual property is the job of every CEO.” However, they noted that litigation was “not central to BlackBerry’s strategy.”

Blackberry CEO John Chen has already sued several companies for patent infringement.

Facebook wants to fend off action
Meanwhile, Facebook announced its intention to defend itself against Blackberry’s lawsuit. Paul Grewal, deputy Facebook chief justice, accused Blackberry of having stopped his own efforts to innovate and now want to make money on the inventions of others. Grewal said “The Blackberry Group’s lawsuit sadly reflects the state of its own messenger business.”

“Blackberry’s suit sadly reflects the current state of its messaging business,” Grewal said. “Having left its efforts to innovate, Blackberry is now looking to tax the innovation of others.”

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