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Android: App bug reports only with permission

Android: App bug reports only with permission
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Christian Boas

Android apps will need to get user approval in the future before sending crash reports to developers. Because these have been asked according to Reddit reports from Google to install within 30 days, a similar possibility in their applications. If the change does not happen, the app threatens to be expelled from the Google Play Store. One reason for the rule change called Google in the e-mail, which did not go to the software developers.

Own responsibility of the developers
“In general, this development is very welcome,” commented the privacy expert Georg Markus Kainz the process. “It should not be that reports are sent to app developers without permission. I would like to be asked, “Kainz explains. “Imagine that malicious apps may intentionally evolve and send constant information to developers through small crashes,” said privacy advocate commenting on the new Google policy.

Google’s own developer-submitted routines for submitting an error report do not provide a way to ask for permission from the user. So far, however, many developers have relied on exactly this approach of the Android owner Google. It is questionable whether the Internet giant will provide such a possibility in future in its SDK.

bug reports
In the future, as many of the affected app publishers announce on Reddit, one would completely refrain from sending bug reports to avoid blocking in the Play Store. Apps are thus also less memory intensive and faster.

For Kainz, submitting bug reports is in most cases superfluous anyway: “When I crash a computer on the computer and I’m asked if I want to send a bug report – 99 percent say No, because the crash is not critical for me.

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