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Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa develops her own life

Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa develops her own life
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Christian Boas

Currently, it seems that Amazon’s language assistant Alexa is in the US developing a life of her own. So many Amazon Echo users report on the Internet, the language assistant suddenly and suddenly “laughs maliciously”. Some users describe the blatant cackling of Alexa as “witchy” and “extremely scary”. In addition, the electronic device would violate voice commands.

Instruction Refusal One user claims that he has tried to turn off the light on the many scared posts he has made to Buzzfeed. However, the device would have turned it back on again before the voice assistant gave a “bad laugh”.

Alexa herself has a laugh of her own that can trigger users with specific questions. However, this would be clearly different from the recent cases of malicious cackling.

Another user says he ordered Alexa to stop the alarm. However, according to the user, Amazon’s language assistant responded with a “witch-like” laugh even in this case. Another user writes on Reddit that his Alexa device has refused to turn off the light.

“After the third request Alexa did not react anymore and instead laughed badly. The laughter was not in the usual voice of Alexa. It sounded like a real person, “says the user on Reddit.

Amazon is still silent
Many other users report similar incidents in which the language assistant commands no longer complied and instead began to laugh. So far it is not clear why Alexa is currently laughing without a specific question or can use a different voice for it.

So far, the Alexa developer Amazon has not yet responded to requests for more information about this peculiarity disorder. However, it has recently become known that Alexa can often be triggered by sounds from the environment rather than the user. So z. As commercials in many cases to unwanted orders at the mail order company.

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