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VW wants from 2019 to equip all new cars with WLANp

VW wants from 2019 to equip all new cars with WLANp
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Christian Boas

As of 2019, the German car manufacturer Volkswagen plans to equip all car models as standard with the “Car-to-X” wireless standard WLANp (aka IEEE 802.11p). This will enable the vehicles to establish spontaneous networks and connections with other active and passive road users. For this purpose, WLANp produces radio links with a short reaction time in a radius of approx. 500 meters. According to VW, this is especially important at high speeds, for example on the highway, to avoid accidents and collisions.

“Active and cooperative security systems will significantly increase traffic safety and improve traffic flow,” claims VW.

In fact, there are many considerations about what advantages and disadvantages could be a local networking of traffic. However, simulations of the usefulness of such crosslinked solutions come to very different results. Because still lacks a holistic concept, which also represents the other half of the smart-traffic concepts, namely the networked infrastructure sound. It is therefore to be seen whether WLANp prevails and who is involved in everything. Only if as many automakers as possible, including international ones, pull together with such a solution, can their potential safety benefits be achieved.

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