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Tested: time tracking with timeBuzzer

Tested: time tracking with timeBuzzer
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Christian Boas

The Kassel startup “timeBuzzer” went into beta in the middle of last year and started selling its timepiece. The young company was founded by Felix Bopp and Christoph Radler and wants to meet the problem of time recording with a hardware and software solution. Here comes on the one hand a Mac or Windows client (later also as an app for Android and iOS) and a USB Buzzer to use. Already in the beta phase different agencies test the employment and give the founders practical hints, how still further improvements can be made. We looked at the solution for us in spite of not yet available mobile app for you.

At the beginning you have to register via the website of the provider and download the appropriate client after the account has been created. Then the timeBuzzer must be connected to the computer via a USB cable. In the application you have to create appropriate projects and you’re ready to go. The number of projects that can be created in the software is no limit, according to the timeBuzzer makers.

Das Startup timeBuzzer hilft bei der Erfassung der Arbeitszeiten. (Bild: timeBuzzer GmbH)

time and attendance
For time recording you just have to move your hand over the buzzer, then immediately opens a matching window in which you can select the appropriate project by turning the buzzer. A simple press on the buzzer then starts the time recording, a further pressure on the same stops the recording again and makes it possible to comment on the previously recorded time. If you’re on the go, you can record the time without the blue-illuminated buzzer on the keyboard cross on the keyboard, which should be especially important for notebook users. The software regularly compares the time recording with the timeBuzzer server so that the data can also be managed centrally.

Die mit timeBuzzer erfasste Arbeitszeiten in der Übersicht.costs
The cost structure is transparent, as there are only two tariffs, the one aimed primarily at freelance users and the other at team users. For both tariffs, the acquisition costs for the timeBuzzer are the same, each piece costs 99.00 euros (net?) And monthly 5.00 euros per user are due.

In our short test, both the software and the hardware (the buzzer) worked fine. We are already excited about the appearance of the Android & iOS app and will inform you about the test of the app here on

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