Mobile Stone Age in the Berlin subway

Mobile Stone Age in the Berlin subway
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Christian Boas

The bigger the city, the more challenging the traffic. Anyone who has ever had to cross Berlin or London by car will immediately sign this thesis. Nice, if you meet this place of challenge with a well-developed public transport, short public transport opposes.

Pioneer E-Plus
Unfortunately, the mobile service providers have stopped with the supply in the network of the Berlin underground in the mobile stone age. Because in the Berlin subway you are always almost offline, because an EDGE connection has been out of date for more than a decade.

Although E-plus had the mobile network due to its then cooperation with the Berlin transport companies (BVG) a good supply in the subway, in which there was even fast Internet via LTE supply. But since the start of the merger with the Spanish Telefónica, the network is no longer useful. Although you usually have in the subway UMTS or LTE reception, but still no usable mobile Internet more.
Mobiles Internet ist in der Berliner U-Bahn noch immer Wunschdenken. (Foto: BVG, Oliver Lang)
EDGE as offline
The other network operators, Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone have failed over the years to adapt their networks in the Berlin subway, to the above-ground development of GSM (2G) via UMTS (3G) to LTE (4F). For citizens of the federal capital, this non-existent network expansion in the Berlin subway is simply not enforceable. Because in other German cities such as Hamburg or Munich, the supply of fast Internet in the subway has long been a reality – just not in the federal capital, until today.

Hope dies last …
Why the development is so, is in the stars. Because of the network operators Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica and Vodafone there is this until today, despite multiple demand, no information – too bad. It remains to hope that the three network providers in 2018 will soon be out of print here, otherwise the repeatedly postponed BER opening (the new airport) has become a reality before, before a usable mobile Internet connection in the Berlin subway has.

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