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Miwa wants to help avoid packaging waste

Miwa wants to help avoid packaging waste
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Christian Boas

The Czech startup Arancia Europa wants to help with its Miwa product to tackle the growing problem of packaging waste. Incidentally, the Miwa name of the startup, which was launched in 2017, stands for “Minimum Waste” and is intended to enable traders to sell non-perishable products without packaging.

Depending on the customer’s wishes, the products end up in a container brought by the customer or in ecologically compatible reusable packaging. All available products are presented on a blackboard with image and barcode. With the Miwa app, the customer can then order the goods in the desired individual quantity by means of the barcode attached under the products and pay directly. Afterwards the ordered goods will be packed either in the container or the reusable packaging Miwa capsule. These pawn capsules can be returned after use.

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