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Kingston introduces Bolt Duo

Kingston introduces Bolt Duo
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Christian Boas

Kingston has introduced a new USB memory stick, the DataTravele Bolt Duo. The new USB stick is designed for use with iOS devices such as the Apple iPhone or iPod. On the one hand, the Bolt Duo has a Lightning and on the other side a USB port that supports USB 3.1. The stick is offered in three memory sizes of 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.

For transport, the Bolt Duo can be stowed in a rubber bag, where it is protected from dust and dirt. The rubber cover can also z. B. attach to the keychain. Via the Bolt Duo’s own iOS app, photos and videos can be moved to the stick so that they do not unnecessarily block the device memory. When the stick is attached, photos and videos can also be stored directly on the external memory.

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