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Fusion of Wiko and Tinno

Fusion of Wiko and Tinno
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Christian Boas

After a seven-year close partnership, the two companies Wiko and Tinno join forces. With the merger of the smartphone forge Wiko, founded in 2011 in Marseille, France, and the Chinese tech group Tinno from Shenzhen, the aim is to become an important global player in the mobile industry in the future, according to the joint press release.

The French smartphone brand Wiko was founded in 2011 in Marseille. The company was born from a close collaboration between Laurent Dahan and James Lin, CEO of the Tinno Group. They combined their complementary skills to build a global track record: on the one hand Wiko with market knowledge, the customer-focused strategy and unique sales organization and on the other Tinno with industry knowledge and production capabilities.

Wiko has become an important partner to Tinno’s worldwide operations. It was a natural step for both companies to merge Wiko with the Tinno Group to create an even stronger strategic partnership. The Marseille team, which has defined and developed the unique brand, product, marketing and sales processes, will now benefit from even greater support and agility among colleagues in China.

“This approach derives from the logic of shareholders and industry. Tinno was Wiko’s partner right from the beginning and together we now have over 30 million users in over 30 countries worldwide. This new level is essential to meet the needs and requirements of our customers by offering them a wide range of innovative products, “commented Tinno CEO Laurent Dahan.

“Wiko is a great brand that brings everything today to inspire new consumers around the world. Increased collaboration with Tinno will bring us quickly to a level that will allow us to make Wiko a cult brand worldwide, “says James Lin.

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