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Samsung W2018 unveiled in China

Samsung W2018 unveiled in China
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Christian Boas

Samsung has provided with the presentation of the W2018 in China for a comeback of the flip phone in the form of a well-equipped smartphone. The Samsung W2018 is currently only available in the Chinese market.

Inner values
The new Samsung W2018 features two 4.2-inch Super AMOLED displays with FullHD resolution. Inside the device, a Snapdragon 835 CPU, supported by 6 GB of RAM, performs its service. There are two variants of the internal memory, one with 64 GB and one with 256 GB.

Hubs the folding concept stands out especially the main camera with an aperture of f / 1.5 in the device in the eye. Thanks to the f / 1.5 aperture, photos of the 12 megapixel camera should be able to deliver very good photos even in low light conditions. Although this would still be proven in practice, it sounds promising. The front camera of the device dissolves with 5 megapixels. The W2018 draws its energy from a 2,300 mAh battery and weighs in at 247 grams.

Premium class
The Samsung W2018 is said to be offered in China along with a concierge service and free display repairs. It goes in a similar direction, as the former belonging to Nokia noble brand Vertu. For the price, there is no information, but there are rumors that the W2018 should be higher than the price of the Apple iPhone X, which should not be a problem for many wealthy Chinese.

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