Apple launches TV app in Germany

Apple launches TV app in Germany
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Christian Boas

Apple brings its TV app, the programs of different providers in one place summarizes, to Germany. To start with, it contains Apple’s own iTunes content and offers from four partners. After Apple’s TV app was rolled out a year ago in the US, it is now available in Germany. The future of mobile TV continues to take shape and color.

The big advantage of the application is the comfortable consumption of films, series and TV offers with the smartphone or tablet. No matter whether on the train, in the waiting room or other places outside the apartment, the user always has the opportunity to access various TV and video content. The theory differs in this country, however, still in practice. Because this shows that the offer initially still somewhat narrow. While in the US, the app offers access to more than 60 video services, there are only five partners in Germany apart from Apple’s own offer:

–  ZDF Mediathek
Amazon Prime Video
Sky ticket

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