WebSummit 2017 closes with visitor record (video)

WebSummit 2017 closes with visitor record (video)
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Christian Boas

The Web Summit 2017, which ended last night in Lisbon, Portugal, was the biggest of all time with almost 60,000 visits, topping the 53,000 visitors from the previous year. The 60,000 people came from over 170 countries to the Web Summit in the Portuguese capital. Around half of the Web Summit visitors this year were female and about 34% of the speakers.

Here, the “Women in Tech” initiative of the organizers seems to be more effective. During the event, 45 terabytes of data were transported via the WLAN network, which was provided by the approximately 37 km of fiber optic cable for the (usually) sufficient bandwidth at the event, which represented more than 2,100 startups from all over the world. In addition, 1400 tech investors from all over the world were present in Lisbon.

At yesterday’s graduation ceremony, the former U.S. Vice President Al Gore on the future, which can only be in the new renewable energy, in front of the enthusiastic audience of the fully occupied Altic Arena (formerly MEO Arena).

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