Data Native Conference starts with 30% female share

Data Native Conference starts with 30% female share
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Christian Boas

Starting today, Europe’s data science elite will meet until November 17 for the Data Natives Conference in Berlin. For the third time in a row, data enthusiasts from business, technology and science will meet in the German capital.

The 30% share of female speakers at the conference is striking. After all, at conferences in general and at tech conferences in particular, women are still far less represented than men on stage. In Silicon Valley, for example, the average share of female speakers at the 25 largest tech events during a year was 25 percent. This includes the women who moderate or lead through panels. The proportion of speakers should therefore be less than a quarter. But in Germany too, the situation does not look different: many conferences, whether technology annoying or not, are already happy to be able to reach a proportion of women of 15 percent among the presenting experts.

The initiators of Data Natives are aware of this, they also measure the success of the conference by the diversity of speakers and participants. Although they can increase the participation of women again in the upcoming event, but with about 30 percent female experts, they are not yet at their destination – even if such a percentage is rarely found.

“Our ambition is to further improve the quota by, for example, targeting women for speaker positions, providing free tickets to female executives and motivating men to invite women to the event,” said Elena Poughia, Founder and Chief Data Native Organizer 2017, her strategy.

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